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This is a 6 week course with small group classes for puppies over 20 weeks old, to ensure that all the dogs are at the same level of development and socialisation.


The puppy training exercises gradually progress each week, using only reward based training methods.


Each week is a one hour class taught in a relaxed and fun environment by our puppy specialist, ensuring all temperaments of dogs are personally catered for.


Classes are limited to 8 puppies per class to ensure individual attention.


Puppies can start classes as soon as they are vaccinated or are given consent by your vet to attend.


During the 6 week course your puppy will learn how to:

Come when called


Lie down and stand on que

Walk on a loose lead without pulling and with distractions

Accept handling (including for vets and groomers)

Accept people being around food bowls, bones and chews

Greet people without jumping up

Be sociable with humans and other puppies

Be calm and confident in different environments.


Adolescent to Adult Training - 14th August


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