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The KONG Sherps Llama dog toy is the perfect companion for your furry friend's playtime adventures. Made with irresistibly soft plush material, this toy is designed for snuggles and cuddles during play.

With its double-layered construction, the KONG Sherps Llama offers a satisfying texture that dogs love. The toy features squeakers and crinkle sounds, adding extra excitement and entertainment to your dog's play. The squeakers inside the toy will entice your dog and keep them engaged for longer play sessions.


The KONG Sherps Llama is ideal for indoor play and can be enjoyed on various surfaces, from sofa summits to basement treks. Whether your dog loves to fetch, toss, or snuggle, this toy provides versatility to cater to their play preferences.


It's important to note that while the KONG Sherps Llama is designed to be durable, no toy is completely indestructible. Always supervise your dog during playtime and inspect the toy regularly for any signs of damage. If any parts become loose or torn, it's best to replace the toy to ensure your dog's safety.


Give your dog the joy of play and snuggles with the KONG Sherps Llama dog toy, and let them embark on endless indoor adventures filled with fun and companionship!

KONG Sherps Llama Med

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