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About Us

Happy Canine's Mission


One simple mission, to create happy healthy canines.

Decades of hands on experience between us we are now on a mission to assist others to create happy dogs across the UK via a holistic approach from training to nutrition. 

​Our promise to you is to provide high quality training and the best quality ingredients.  We will never provide rawhide or any other nasties to your dog and will always chose the best options to create communities and be environmentally friendly to our planet.  We will always use positive reinforcement training.

Your dog deserves the very best and that's why we are here to help.

Meet The Team

Cat and Mavis.jpg

Cat Le Chevalier

Head of Development & Training

A world champion canicrosser, training rescue dogs to race dogs. 

A born dog lover and dog enthusiast from a young age.  Rescue dog volunteer for over 10 years.

Every breed and every temperament isn't an issue for Cat. 

She is keen on educating owners from science based evidence and positive training.   

Cat and her dogs have featured in Trail Running magazine and are National Running Show Ambassadors.

Qualifications and Training

Sarah Whitehead Behavioural Course

Dog First Aid

Puppy School Tutor

Cani-Fit Canicross Leader Course

Natures Menu Raw Expert

Body Language with Speak Dog

Introduction to Myotherapy with Galen Myotherapy

Canicross Clinic with Trailrunners

As featured in 

Snowpawstore Blog

National Running Show Ambassador

Trail Running Magazine

Sam and Yuki.jpg

Sam Ripley

Head of Sourcing and Sales

Sam is a big dog enthusiast, the bigger and fluffier the better.  No dog is too big or too scary for him.  

He is highly experienced with German Shepherds and huskies.

Sam is a people person and works hard at sourcing great brands.


He is environmentally conscious and chooses suppliers on benefits that the products have to dogs health and the environmental impact it has on the planet.  

Sam loves long hikes and volunteers for a dog charity educating on the ownership of huskies.



Mavis and Yuki

Head of Quality Control

The inspiration behind the company purpose - to create happy healthy canines via healthy nutritious food and educated training.  

Mavis and Yuki are rescue dogs, both were starved and abandoned by their prior owners through no fault of their own.  Both dogs were fearful and nervous and Yuki was within 24 hours of being put to sleep through no fault of his own. 

Now they are confident, outgoing working dogs.  Outdoor enthusiasts and head up our quality control to make sure only THE best products are delivered to your dogs.

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