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  • Why should I choose Happy Canine treats?
    Here are some of the amazing benefits of our Happy Canine treats and chews. Hypo allergenic We like to look out for your dogs gut health. All our treats have NO grains, NO additives and NO colouring. This means that your dog is beter reassured against common allergies. Nutritious and Tasty We like to support a healthy balanced dog diet. You can be reassured when buying our Happy Canine treats that your dog will love them. Our treats are packed full of nutrients including high in iron and viatamin B - great energy boosting goodness! Our treast provide stronger bones, glossier coats and better tummy health. Additive free Our treats are 100% natural to give your dogs more of the essentil nutrients they need. Great for sensitive tummies. Teeth cleaner Due to the natural nature of our products they provide a great source of natural teeth cleaning, preventing and avoiding plaque buildup. Puppy friendly Our treats are desinged to be good for puppies as well as dogs of all ages, tried and tested your dog is in for a treat!
  • Are these safe for my happy canines to eat?
    Yes, all our products are carefully selected for the upmost safety of your pet. All our products are natural and typically air dried to mianitain all the nuturents for your canine. A pet should never be left unattended whilst consuming any of our food products.
  • How often should I feed my pet these treats?
    We advise to feed your pet these treats as part of a healthy balanced diet. We reccommend to feed these occasionally during the week and to introduce each treat steadily to the diet to recognise any allergies or digestive changes.
  • Where are these products sourced?
    All our products are sourced from a reliable UK supplier that strives on the best quality for your pet.
  • Are there rawhide in these?
    No, all treats are 100% rawhide free.
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