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Bugalugs Scottish Salmon Oil - 500ml


Keep your pet looking and feeling great with the Bugalugs premium Scottish Salmon Oil. It's a 100% natural supplement that's rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, EPA and DHA. These natural oils are proven to improve skin and coat conditions – reducing itchy skin and making coat soft and glossy. They're also known to help boost brain activity and aid joint movement, as well as being vital for your pet's normal growth & development. This healthy supplement is sustainability sourced from the finest Scottish salmon. They're raised under environmentally compatible conditions in the deep-sea lochs so you can be sure that as well as providing essential omega oils, it's sure to improve the taste of your pet's food. Perfect for fussy eaters.

How to use:

For dogs of any size, aged 10 weeks and over. For cats of any size, aged 8 weeks and over. Supplement your pet’s diet with these valuable Omega oils. Introduce gradually over a period of 7 days by feeding half the recommended quantity. Increase to the full amount on day 8. Add to your dog or cat’s main meal and mix. One pump is equivalent to 2.5ml or ½ teaspoon. Fresh, clean water should be always available to your pet.


Small (1 to 10kg) - 0.5 to 1 pump

Medium (11 to 25kg) - 1 to 2 pumps

Large (26 to 45kg) - 2 to 5 pumps

Extra (Large 45kg+) - 5 to 7 pumps


Small - ½ pump

Medium/Large - 1 pump

Bugalugs Scottish Salmon Oil 500ml

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